A state of mind which occurs after smoking enough marijuana and getting drunk to the point where the person who consumes them gets totally wasted.
Last night, I got so droned, I went inside the cupboard looking for Narnia!
by TheBlueBlizzard August 18, 2012
Drnuk and stoned.
Dude, I had so much to drink and smoke last night! I was so droned...
by EliezerBY April 18, 2018
The act of being drunk and stoned at the same time
by YKLOL February 3, 2017
When you've snorted mephedrone and you are feeling fucking incredible!
by t_pickles August 13, 2010
After I smoked that joint and took those shots I was so droned that I couldn't see straight.
by PG sargent UNIT July 22, 2008
Describes the state of mind when one has drunk alcohol and smoked cannabis concurrently. A state of un-inhibited but relaxed well-being.
'Dude, I drank, like, six beers and smoked a ton of joints at the same time. I was so droned.'
by Lexuality September 20, 2008