After a long night of sativa and cabernet, Janice was too droned to drive.
by wishingwel April 16, 2009
The most unbelievable state of mind anyone can be at at any given time in life. Stoned and Drunk, best of both worlds... Also when you're in a state that you seem like a drone or droid (starwars).


by CANT-BUR911 October 27, 2009
An Individual who lacks self expression, self worth, and follows the herd driven through the main stream media outlet. A drone must work for a corporation or some form of the government, they always believe in the collective and are an anti-individualist! A total government mule and are always on one side of the right left paradigm.
Hey John look at these drones at the pep rally they really move like cattle!
by Hittori Hanzo November 13, 2010
the act of being focused on a particular objective while being completely oblivious to the world around you
yo my girlfriend was droning out on her phone last night
by Snow_Falcon March 6, 2018
pakistan's national bird, they are often found in areas near to Afghanistan border. they migrate from US!
SON- Look DAD, what kind of bird is that?
TERRORIST FATHER- FUCK!! hide ahmad you idiot that's an american drone!
by VALLY August 5, 2012
A pilotless airplane, or unmanned aerial vehicle.
Pilotless airplane! Pilotless airplane! Drone! Drone! Not pilotless drone! Pilotless... drone! But drone! Drone! Is it sinking into your thick skull, you high school dropout?
by DrExtreme July 16, 2008
drone(n): A drone is someone who follows an ideology or some other form of idealization blindlessly and uncritically.

The nouns original meaning is used in context with "social" insects, which are ordered into a hive structure. In an insect hive, drones are the workers - the ones gathering food, building the hive - in short: maintaining the hive, controlled by the queen, if not by some common instinctual fellowship and hierarchal order.
You're all a bunch of music industry drones.

Where is that drone-brother of yours? Still hanging around the arcade?
by Salomon August 17, 2004