sitting down and not going outside, especially when you just said you were going outside.
"What is that delivery guy doing??"
"Oh he's probably Doyling"
by LordFreezaBeeza September 17, 2014
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An insult. Implying that some one is of less than average inteligence.
"I can't believe you don't know where your own house is, you doyle!"
by Steve "crazyape" November 21, 2006
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Person needed when in trouble
Bulcholerthin:"Fuck you Johnny imma get my boys on you you crippled fuck"
Doyle:"fuck off johnny"
by ChooiceKisser69420 September 18, 2023
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verb: to drunkenly soil your pants.

when one drinks too much and poos his or her pants.
to be unable to control ones bowels due to excessive amounts of alchohol.
drunk+soil= doyle
joe had too much to drink, and before he could get home, he doyled himself.
by katlindsey November 23, 2011
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verb used to describe people who are seriously struggling, physically and mentally, often as a consequense of having drunk too much.

Can also mean to go, to have sex, to be confused, can theoretically be used in the place of all other existing verbs.
a: Was Mark really that drunk last night?
b: fuck yeah, he was seriously doyleing!

a: You going out tonight, man?
b: Nah, I was too drunk last night so I'm fucking doyleing today.

a: I'll see you at the party later?
b: sure thing, what time will you be doyleing down there?

a: So did you get to doyle that chick last night?
b: hell yeah, I doyled her on her parents water bed behind the terrarium.

b: Amy's always so confused that she doyles to finish even the simplest of sentences
by flipneckmcgee June 23, 2011
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a complex individual, even to complex to himself. Is usually misunderstood, becaause of the immense bullshit that he speaks that seems to make sense. Is a phycho-genius and make a lot of people think the same.
doyle wtf areyou talking about? wait that does make sense.
by doyle December 5, 2004
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A legend. Mostly just a friken god. Is referd to as jesus and is a close relative to harambe
Wow he is just a doyle
by Jhduuhdksokshdi December 13, 2016
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