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Verg: to be very, to be a dog, to be a very dog, to be sad, to express sympathy for someone who is bitching about their day when you are still feeling like responding in a sincere fashion before the horrible cynicism of the interweb takes hold. Can also be used as "Sup verg?" meaning something along the lines of "What's up dude?" but with a silly little interweb twist. Various other definitions as well.

"im is verg dog"
"my naem si billy. asl plz"
"12 dog lol"
"sex plz"
*hours of pwn later*
"i leid. i wuznt 12"
"u mean i wasnt pedohphiling!?"
//me linkin parks *shoots self in head*
"lol linkin park sux lol"

Originally came from Xenon at The Friend Society. Has since been lost forever.
"sup verg?" "nm you?" "yeah same... this place is verg lame."

"im is verg dog"
by Nikolai Kryzek March 26, 2005
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