Doulas are professionally trained labor and birth attendants. They do not offer medical care or support. Doulas offer the parents labor coping techniques, emotional support and comfort measures to assist them with their birth goals. Doulas work with all kinds of families, and all kinds of birth scenarios. Doulas also offer information and assist parents with the educational aspects of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

They are hired by the parents and work in hospital, birth centers and homebirth settings. Doulas are welcomed in most care settings in the US, Canada and Europe. In instances where they are not as welcomed, it has been found that the issue was with a friend or family member claiming to be a doula, not an actual professional certified doula. Professional doulas adhere to ethical and professional standards.

Most doulas complete an educational program, on that can include a workshop and additional educational requires that include academic, didactic and intensive education requirements for certification. Most students take at least 6 months to complete their educational requirements.
Anna: Girl, what are you doing now"
Lisa: I am a certified doula.
Anna: I had a doula with my last baby and she was amazing.
by alabamagetaway June 10, 2014
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A person who gets paid to watch a woman give birth. Doulas have no medical training or schooling, but some are highly trained in the art of emotional manipulation, sometimes coercing the mother into carrying out the doulas fantasy birth. This has resulted in putting mothers in danger if they take misleading doula advice. Doulas are not meant to be involved with the child; their sole job is to do what the mother asks, such as fetching her a glass of water while in labor. Many doulas are also known to have strained relations with their mother, and some doulas attempt to overstep their boundries with the new child. Many doulas have been banned from well-respected hospitals due to their interference with life saving procedures.
Mary: What is Kelly doing now that she dropped out of school?

Jake: She's trying to be a doula.

Mary: A what?

Jake: Exactly.
by HamiltonParkHI November 15, 2012
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Someone who breastfeeds for the mother after pregnancy. See Wet Nurse.
Also, slang: male with prominent man boobs.
Seeing unfit topless guy on social network site: "Dude, that guy is one doula doula".
by John Burns June 19, 2008
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Somebody close to you. A good friend. Probably derives from the real word doula that refers to somebody who is there for a pregnant woman emotionally and physically through her pregnancy. In the slang tense it is somebody who's there for you that you can always count on.
I known that dude my whole life, that's my doula for real.
by Jessica (J-sika) May 30, 2005
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n.) one who helps poems to be born, particularly one who assists the birthing mother to breathe through the process, knowing that this has been done before, again and again since time immemorial, and will be done again.
If it wasn't for my poetry doula, I would have had to deliver that hexameter by cesarian, and needed to resort to vintage grapes to ease the pain of dilation!
by Sara Nolan February 22, 2008
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A woman who assists another woman on the dance floor during a K-hole experience and also after she's vomited from consuming too much alcohol. An experienced disco doula can not only continue partying and keep her friend from being thrown out of a club, but also find a way to keep said friend partying once she's climbed out of said K-hole.
Oh, man without my disco doula at the ready I'd have never been able to keep up with Modeselektor at Decibel fest this year. Thank you disco doula!!!
by theanoeticist October 4, 2010
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The friend or companion that provides emotional support while you are getting your tattoo.
This is Molly my ink doula, she will be holding my hand for the next 2 hours.
by Octopusdork January 18, 2017
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