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Doulas are professionally trained labor and birth attendants. They do not offer medical care or support. Doulas offer the parents labor coping techniques, emotional support and comfort measures to assist them with their birth goals. Doulas work with all kinds of families, and all kinds of birth scenarios. Doulas also offer information and assist parents with the educational aspects of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

They are hired by the parents and work in hospital, birth centers and homebirth settings. Doulas are welcomed in most care settings in the US, Canada and Europe. In instances where they are not as welcomed, it has been found that the issue was with a friend or family member claiming to be a doula, not an actual professional certified doula. Professional doulas adhere to ethical and professional standards.

Most doulas complete an educational program, on that can include a workshop and additional educational requires that include academic, didactic and intensive education requirements for certification. Most students take at least 6 months to complete their educational requirements.
Anna: Girl, what are you doing now"
Lisa: I am a certified doula.
Anna: I had a doula with my last baby and she was amazing.
by alabamagetaway June 10, 2014

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