A medium sized round thing with a hole in the middle. It is usually covered in glaze of some sort, and most people have eaten it at some point. Can be used as an insult, but usually just confuses people.
mmmmm superamerica has goooood doughnuts.

Dude she's such a doughnut!
by Pian0Man February 5, 2010
A woman a man chooses to have sex/relationship with based first and foremost on proximity. Especially a sexual relationship.

Based on the theory that men are lazy and will reach for the nearest doughnut rather than get up to get what they want.
Jim loved his wife but still screwed Jenny, his work wife, was the closest doughnut.
by StarvinMarvin August 20, 2013
a spare whip; a spare car.
My car is in the shop, I'm rolling in my doughnut.
Damn nigga, your doughnut is banging!
That fool Biff be fucking bitches in his doughnut.
Woah, even his doughnut is way fucken baller.
by suga night June 2, 2010
A doughtnut ( also spelled donut) is a favored treat of Homer Simpsons. It is a cursed fried cyclops.
by Izzy September 5, 2004