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pure evil! torture for teenagers who want to pass high school, and get into college.
I need to pass chemistry to get into college.
by Izzy May 22, 2004
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1. An absolute beast (on the court and in the bedroom)
2. Someone who plays hard

Opposite of Vince Carter
1 a) You really Maggette'd that bitch last night
b) He Maggette'd him in a pickup B-ball game
2. He was a Corey Maggette on the basketball court last night.
by Izzy November 17, 2004
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A person who is drooling over another person of the same sex
Your doodlefacing again!!!!
by Izzy April 28, 2004
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A doughtnut ( also spelled donut) is a favored treat of Homer Simpsons. It is a cursed fried cyclops.
by Izzy September 5, 2004
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AKA Drew. One who cybers in chats and is not very smart.
by Izzy July 19, 2003
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1.That guy is a flake, you're too good for him.
2.Why'd you flake on going to the movies with us?
by Izzy January 6, 2003
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Raven Krauss is a famous - and hot - model, doctor, sex ed teacher, language arts teacher, police officer, drummer, nymphomaniac and vampire of Izzy's imagination.
Sex = Raven Krauss. =) Awfully refered with the slogan 'Doctor Krauss will cure you of your virginity' or 'Doctor Krauss gave my a physical last night.'
by Izzy March 20, 2005
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