A moron who knows absolutely nothing about life or anything at all. Often dig their own grave and jump in as well as ruin other peoples lives and their own. Are basically an all round fucking dickhead.
Boy 1: Man, did you hear about that guy bitching about his ex's friend to his ex?
Boy 2: Yeah, what a fucking idiot!
by Joe Blow July 5, 2004
Someone who has not sufficiently assessed a situation and takes actions with the effect of putting themselves or others at significant risk of grave physical harm or death.
Jaime Lannister: *Charges towards a dragon.*
Tyrion Lannister: "You fucking idiot!"
by Captain Sid August 13, 2017
A person who is such an idiot that you must emphasize it by using the word fucking
Ella though I had hooked my forehead when all I did was was a big fish; she's a fucking idiot.
by leche lube April 30, 2016