1. adj. cool, nice, awesome
2. noun a drug
1. Yo foo that new stereo system is dope!
2. Yo man you got some dope?
by AceyD June 01, 2004
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Most places heroin is dope, some places meth and coke are considered dope, but in Canada, we consider weed dope, since we're all about that Green up in the Great White North
Quote from the Trailer Park Boys:

Julian: Ricky, I'm telling you, you gotta stop growing dope.

Ricky: Come on, man, you can't tell me to do that.

Julian: I'm serious Ricky.

Ricky: You can't tell me to do that. It's like telling the NWA to stop being black.
by YourNorthernBuddy,eh? January 05, 2012
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A word that describes something that is extremely cool, such as music, clothes, people, etc.
Ain't nobody dope as me, I'm dressed so fresh so clean...Outkast
by **DrEaMaKeR** May 10, 2005
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heroin, not crack, not powder, but heroin. not marijuana, not meth. but heroin. heroin is the only thing that dope could ever be. people who don't know what dope is are people with very sheltered lives.
I snort it, I can't even think of how done my life will be once I start banging the dope.
by dope lover September 12, 2006
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Someone that ignores common sense and regularly makes stupid mistakes.
You are a dope for going outside barefoot and with wet hair in eight degree temperatures!
by YoungCoolness December 13, 2010
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