A slang word argued over by a bunch of pseudo intellectual cocksuckers debating on which drug it refers to, unable to realize that nobody gives a rat's ass.
Those assholes over there are arguing whether or not dope refers to marijuana or heroin. What a bunch of whining maggots.
by Smokey T. Stevenston June 15, 2011
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doing something stupid; acting like an idiot, noob, wanker, fool, or moron
Posting an example of your girlfriend on a public forum is only something a dope would do :)
by Barefoot Babe December 16, 2010
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Adjective for anything that raises dopamine levels in the brain.
Parker: "I feel great when I ride my bike."
Kerrie: "That's dope -i-mean really cool. Good on ya!"
by NYC1963 January 8, 2020
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Dope was a word for sauce (doop), gravy about 200 years ago. About 100 years ago dope referred to a sauce like version of opium. Drugged up horses were beginning to be referred to as being doped.

Dope also can mean an oil or lubricant, or a varnish that is painted on the fabric covering an aircraft. Pipe dope is a sealant used on pipe threads. Dope is used to stabilize liquid explosives.

Modern usage comes from the widespread use of model airplane glue, which was to be applied only in well-ventilated areas. Breathing the fumes made people "dopey," acting stupid, foolish, and clumsy. The term “dope,” is generally used today to refer to anything that gets people “high,” either pharmaceuticals or the evening news.

Dopers, may appear stupefied, confused, muddled, befuddled, disorientated, groggy, or muzzy.
The only hope is dope. ~ Timothy Leary

The '60s are gone, dope will never be as cheap, sex never as free, and the rock and roll never as great. ~ Abbie Hoffman

Dove said “What Dope?”

Q: How do you plant dope?
A: Bury a blond.

Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope. ~ Gilbert Shelton
by SuraScent July 25, 2009
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An adjective describing something awesome and chill. Most commonly referring to music.
Did you hear that new Kid Cudi song?

Yea that song is so dope!
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Unlike in America where its a good word... in Ireland a dope is someone who is very stupid - an eejit in other words. It never ever means good unless your a D4 wannabe(they think there posh *roysh*). And you dont really wanna be one of them dopes. Haaaa. Basically anyone who is thick is a dope especially if what they do or say is funny for you but not for them. And in Ireland dope it is NEVER used in reference to drugs - heroin is 'gear' and weed is 'green'. If you asked someone for dope they would look at ye sideways and laugh and ask if you thought you were American...
"Hes the biggest dope in Drogheda"

"Dont be a dick, ye dope!"

"Sure what would that dope know shes as thick as a brick!"

"those Dundalk heads are the dopes of the century"
by AshnAndrew October 26, 2009
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A word to describe the woman you met, of all places, on Tinder, that has you calling up your best friend 1,000 miles away to have the following conversation:

“Dude, there’s this girl. She’s so hot, and she’s cool too. I’m kind of intimidated.”
“She sounds too good for you. I hope she turns you down.”
“Dude!! Wish me luck…”

A dope girl has these eyes that you get lost in, and hips that you can’t keep your hands off. She’s beautiful when she smiles, but she’s even prettier when she talks. Her text banter is on point; witty, deep, and timely. She’s independent and confident, but she likes to rest her head on your shoulder. She’s sophisticated and chic in the classiest of bars, yet she can get down with the best of them at any old dive.

A dope girl makes you say things that you shouldn’t when you’ve just met her. That is, when you can find your words, rather than stammering all over yourself when you lose yourself, yet again, in those eyes.

A girl’s rating can be described in Dope Stars. The above description would qualify as 5/5 Dope Stars, or more simply, “Dope”.
Bro, I met this girl… she’s dope.
by UhOhAO March 3, 2018
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