Radical Yippie activist in the late 1960's. Author of Steal This Book. Pwn3d by Pete Townshend at Woodstock for not getting off the "fucking stage."
AH: I think this is a pile of shit, while John Sinclair rots in prison!

PT: Back off! You're on my fucking stage! <whacks AH with guitar, sending him into the crowd>
by Jon July 2, 2005
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A revolutionary and member of the Yippie movement during the 60s and 70s. Wrote many controversial books (Steal This Book, Revolution For the Hell of It, among others) and was involved in many protests sometimes described as "guerilla theater". He was known for bringing the protests to the common man and making them interesting by using symbols and images instead of dull speaches and wordy pamphlets. Was iconified in Steal This Movie. May possibly be the greatest American in history, and the American equivalent to Che Guevarra. Everyone should learn about this guy and the movie is a great place to start. He's a hero.
Abbie Hoffman and his band of protesters stormed the Stock Market at Wall Street and through handfulls of dollar bills down at the businessmen below and watched them scramble for it. Besides being mildly funny, it was a powerful symbol for the greed of this nation.
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