A more endearing Irish slang term for someone who acts foolishly, is a bit slow or has no sense. Not as harsh as calling someone an idiot.
"God Ted, I'm an awful eejit!"
"You're right there, Dougal, ye feckin' eejit!"
by quareheadtheball January 21, 2014
"Paddy you eejit!"

"Don't touch that! Look what you've done now you eejit!"

"George W Bush, what an eejit!"
by Futt Buckah May 17, 2005
John: Mum, I smashed the TV!
Mum: Tom you big eejit! Go to your room!
by John Clarkie January 27, 2008
origin Gaelic Irish slang term for 'idiot', 'fool' etc.
stop being such an eejit!
by CorkLangar! August 28, 2004
nitwit, nincompoop, moron or thicko. Often used affectionately.
by Ben S Demise March 24, 2004
Irish for 'idiot'.
Made popular by Brian Friel's "Translations"
by Rob Yeo March 19, 2005