4 definitions by NYC1963

1. One who is captivated by their phone.

2. To intentionally misrepresent oneself on social media.
Don't be phony.
He is so phony, he never looks me in the eye.
Her Instagram feed is so phony.
by NYC1963 December 26, 2019
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Those with whome you quatanteen.
We are glad you are part of our QuaranTEAM, because you are an excellent cook!
by NYC1963 April 10, 2020
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Adjective for anything that raises dopamine levels in the brain.
Parker: "I feel great when I ride my bike."
Kerrie: "That's dope -i-mean really cool. Good on ya!"
by NYC1963 January 8, 2020
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Dictum: "I think therefor I am." ~ Descartes before the horse
by NYC1963 April 21, 2022
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