Dope is a word people use to describe something awesome or cool.
Alexander: Man that shirt is dope!
Aaron: Yeah dude it's like so like dope.
by Star-Dancer January 8, 2017
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My brother Jackson because he can crack two eggs with one hand
Jackson you’re so dope for cracking two eggs, wow!”
by The_real_grace May 23, 2020
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My brother Jackson because he can crack eggs
Wow! You can crack two eggs with one hand Jackson! You’re so dope!
by The_real_grace May 23, 2020
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If you look up the dictionary, you will find that you are dope 🖤
by thebatmanbinsuparman December 22, 2020
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A word that means any kind of drug including marijuana, heroin, meth, cocaine...

It's been used for a long time to describe any kind of illegal drug.

Some people think it only refers to heroin. This is incorrect as many rappers and people who live in drug infested areas call marijuana, crack and heroin dope and those who sell them as dope dealers.
Lyrics from the song Dopeman by NWA:

"From a kid to a G, it's all about money
10-piece, 4-10, base pipe comes free
If people out there ain't hip to the fact
If you see somebody gettin' money 4 crack
He's the

Dopeman! Dopeman!"
by Rayvyn November 18, 2011
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Technically,dope is dopamine.

Dopamine is a biochemical,and occurs bodies of living things, dopamine is one of the chemicals responsible forrunner's high.

But you can 'take' dope, by consumption of drugs like marujuana,which make you high by raising your dopamine levels.

Though it is possible to get unadulterated dope,it's very difficult, and worth a fortune, and though it won't harm you.
(1. you won't come across it often enough to get very addicted. 2.Addiction is the only recorded bad side-effect, but too much in one go will probebly kill you, anything can, even air.)
It's probebly illegal because it's urgently needed for treatment of patients in hospital.
If you take dope, your body will not be able to make it anymore,but it's essential to your emotional wellbeing and the workings of your nervous system, so if your quitting please get professional help.
by MissMysterics May 16, 2009
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I Guarantee you. Whoever you know says this is a total fucking douche.

and if you say it. Please rethink your life and apply yourself in the field of Science.
"Dude man i got some dis shit bro it's so Dope."

dude this guys new shoes are so Do-"

by supersaiyankira2319 May 20, 2013
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