"I got me a 'Rari!"
"Yo yo yo yo buddy buddy buddy buddy, dat dope!"
by Dovahdrog November 7, 2016
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Something that is cool, awesome or nice.
Them speakers are DOPE!
by Itz_Musky February 14, 2017
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A term, normally defined as a nickname for "weed" or "heroin", also used to describe people who are clumsy and/or not so intelligent.
"My god, Tim is such a friggin' dope!"
"What a dope."
by Matt Gullstrand June 16, 2008
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1) an Idiot, somone who is Stupid or Said somthing stupid.

2) Heroin,

3)a person who uses heroin
1) What a Dope, that red head kid said that weed and Dope were the same thing.

2)Hay lets meet up after class and Shoot up some dope.

3)Did you see that Dope shoot up after class.ew.
by Lezah July 11, 2008
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1) Defined as as slang term for drugs, yet varies from place to place and from person to person. In general, where u are determines what is considered dope. (see examples)

2)Late 80s early 90s term used for liking or admiration (see ex.)
1) Memphis: "Fi dat dope up, main" (referring to pot)
Baltimore: "A yo who got some dope?" (referring to heroin)

2) Yo son those tennis shoes be dope.
by OwlGreene March 22, 2011
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Dope has its many descriptions & forms of use. The three most popular would be;

1. Dope; Use of heroin.

2. Dope; Use of Marijuana.

3. Dope; To say something, someone, or somewhere is intensely amazing & down to earth.
Use of the word "Dope" in examples on all 3 short explanations.

1. Man, I would never do dope. I ain't whack like that.

2. Whoa, this is some dope stuff! Getting me ripped!

3. I can't believe how dope them kids are. They are unstoppable.
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A)great; fine; excellent
B)characterized by great facility; highly skilled or clever
C)socially adept
A)That's a dope comic.
B)Dope moves on the parallel bars
C)It's not dope to arrive at the party early.
by B3K@H January 26, 2009
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