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The act of leaving a group chat for dramatic purposes. Often done for comedic effect, to make a point, or in a fit of riteous indignation. Generally done with the assumption that you will be reinvited to said chat. When Door slamming backfires, and you are not reinvited to the group chat, See: Doorslammed
Sometimes, when shit gets ridiculous on messanger, you just need a good doorslam.

Door Slamming, when done properly, can be hilarious.
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by Jeffy Douglass August 26, 2017
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Visit your local cemetary, dig up a fresh corpse and take it to the neerest doorway. Place the fresh corpse in the doorway and ask someone to continuesly slam the door to provoque a thrusting movement as you place yourself inside the body . Do this until desired pleasure is reached.
Billy: Can you come door slamming tonight?
Bobby: Only if I get a turn.
by MW4L April 11, 2008
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