A mild slang name for a penis, supposedly less offensive that cock, prick, or dick, it does not have the fecal connotations of dingleberry but is used to describe the penis in much the same circumstances by much the same people. In addition it can also be used as a mildly disparaging term for a person who has exasperated you by doing something atypically stupid.
"I had to rush like hell to get here on time. I was halfway here when I remembered I'd left the contract in my desk at home and had to go back for them, I felt like a right dooberry."
by AKACroatalin March 16, 2015
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A word for something that you can't remember the word for. See also 'Thingummy', 'Whatsit', etc.
"Pass me the... umm... dooberry."

"What's that dooberry you have there?"
by Mistress Kartoffelkopf October 18, 2004
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slang used to describe something that you are unsure of what it is called officially or used in a lazy context description
my car has seat belt BRACKETS - if you are unaware its called a BRACKET you would say "My car has seat belt DOOBERRIES"


To use in a lazy context description:-
My car has electronic steering, electronic stability control, electronic mirrors, electronic seats etc.....
My car has all the electronic dooberries
by Sirius-C April 09, 2018
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When a man milks a woman's titties (dooberries), gathers the milky substance in a mug, ejaculates in the mug, then throws the concoction at a woman's face. If preferable, add a few other fruits to sweeten the mixture.
Yo dude, I saw this gnarly hobgobblin who was looking for some spunk. I offered a few bucks and gave her a good old-fashioned Dooberry Splash. I put cayenne pepper in the mug--she won't be able to see for weeks!
by spunkmasterflex69 April 05, 2016
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A sex position that entails throwing berry at each genitalia while viciously making out and then finishing by eating the excess juice from the berries off of your partner's cunt and/or dick.
Did you hear about Brad and Angelina? Yeah, I heard they did the Swingy Dooberry.
by Random Guy with a dudes head November 26, 2013
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