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Life = sexually transmitted and always fatal.

There is currently no known cure.
by Sirius-C February 19, 2019
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A mental illness that only affects Males
widely reported symptoms are as follows

1) Repetitious mumblings comprising of "Yes Dear" "No Dear" "Sorry Dear"

2) Allows himself to be trod upon repeatedly by females & apologizes pathetically for it

3) Grovelling to a female in the vain hope of receiving her validation to make them feel more like a "real man"

4) Giving attention/praise to undeserving females, the females are well aware of this and will use him to their advantage

5) Putting himself into a subservient/submissive position under a female in the hope of winning them over without the female bringing anything to the table

6) rolling out red carpets for every female encounter for no apparent reason

7) fighting with other Male sufferers either physically or verbally for sole female attention

8) Irrational thoughts
EG. thinks a female with 2 or more bastard children is a high quality female

9) Delusions
EG. In his eyes all females are good no matter what they do or say, he may feel beholden to a female due his delusions

10) Believes that a "Real Man" should shower female's with gifts & pay all her bills & entertainment costs,
most sufferers may do this for sex & validation from the female, whereas non-sufferers can clearly identify this as prostitution. More serious cases of simping sufferers may do this for female validation alone.

Known Cure
"The Red Pill" although some sufferers of simping reported that this can completely disappear with age & experience.
A daily dose of "The Red Pill" can help cure Simping
by Sirius-C April 25, 2019
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slang used to describe something that you are unsure of what it is called officially or used in a lazy context description
my car has seat belt BRACKETS - if you are unaware its called a BRACKET you would say "My car has seat belt DOOBERRIES"


To use in a lazy context description:-
My car has electronic steering, electronic stability control, electronic mirrors, electronic seats etc.....
My car has all the electronic dooberries
by Sirius-C April 09, 2018
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The acting carried out by a female towards a male in order for her to obtain something from him.
E.G. sex, favour, relationship etc.

This usually involves but is not limited to.....

provocative attire, giggling, touching, sympathizing, laughing at your jokes, acting sincere,
When one learn's to identify "Feminine charm" you'll laugh non-stop (or cringe) when you see it in action and realise how prevalent and false it is.
by Sirius-C February 18, 2019
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