A child that supports Donald Trump like they have a gun to their heads. Usually ranging from 4th grade all the way up to 9th grade. Usually has no knowledge of what Trump wants to do and totally manipulates their words to attempt to win an argument.
"When Trump builds his wall and deports all the Blacks, you'll be the first one to go! MAGA MAGA MAGA!!!!"

"Whatever you say, Donald Trump Jr.
by Freeday1 February 16, 2017
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Not only is this the son of USA's worst president in history, but he also played a prestigious role in the Russian collusion so the orange cunt could get elected. Like father like son, he is a walking piece of shit.
Hey, did you know Donald Trump Jr. was born out of Trump's anus?
by ColdFire44 July 14, 2017
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The unfortunate son of Donald Trump, whom fathers another unfortunate son named Donald Trump III
He's a regular billionaire, like Donald Trump Jr
by GayCosmonaught February 03, 2016
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noun. The young lad whom Donald Trump has anal sex with.
Donald Trump Jr. goes to school with such a wide asshole, even the local BBC can fit in no problem.
by Italia Marzioli April 23, 2019
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The act of intermittently squirting little blasts of tainted cauliflower induced diarrhea onto a woman's face while she toung fucks your asshole for six hours. And then making a "Shroud of Turin" style impression of the aftermath to be framed and hung in the study as a receipt.
Steve has really been crushing his Donald Trump Jrs lately. His latest work it reminiscent of early Jackson Pollock.
by Gavrilo'sCheeseSandwich January 22, 2019
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Is what the retard of a president calls his very very small dick.
Melanie: hey trump is your weenie as big as your trump tower?
TRUMP: hell yea mah donald trump jr is ready for yaaaa
by ........................hey... February 24, 2017
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