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A grade where everyone thinks they are the ''shit'' and is the beginning of a long adventure for 4 years. Most students start out as freshman while the upper class fuckers YEAH I SAID IT apparently thinks freshman are low shit. This year goes by fast just like all and you can have many girlfriends or boyfriends if your in to that. GRADES START TO MATTER AT THIS LEVEL FOR COLLEGE.
Upperclassfucker: I'm going to fuck you up freshman
Freshman: Ohhh Shit!!!!! I just got to ninth grade what the fuck man.
Sophomore: Well at least I'm no longer freshman
Upperclassfucker: Get over here carl I'm not done with you yet 10th grade my ass

Sophomore: Please No please
9th grade
''( Insert Coin )''
by WTFBRUH11 October 06, 2015
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by this time you MUST have done the following:
touched a boob
had at least 5 girlfriends
grown a bushfull of pubes
penis bigger than a carrot
grind against a girl
at least 5'4
and most important: masturbated countless times
hey stephen are you ready for 9th grade:
"naww man i havent touched a girl boob yet but i have touched my own!"
"uhh that does not count.. your gay you know that?!"
"i know! i am gay"
by Alfondso February 12, 2008
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