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Someone who is usually quite independent but cares a lot about her friends and family. She couldn’t live without them. If she is under a lot of pressure, she may or may not show it, but will affect her either way. She is sensitive, caring, unselfish and independent. If you go out with one, she will be commuted and love you. If she is upset, listen to her problems. If you are friends with one, it will be a friendship like no other. Leighas are very unique.
Her name is Leigha, she isn’t like anyone else I’ve ever seen!
by Puppiesarebeautiful October 23, 2017
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Leigha is a beautiful woman, inside and out. Leigha's are strong but sensitive, they feel very deeply and go out of their way to make other's happy. Leigha's are lovers, never fighters, unless it's for their children or for the benefit of others.
Leigha's love candy and anything sparkly and shiney. They are collectors or treasures and hearts.
That woman is bold, definitely a Leigha.
Lovers sparkles deep hearted
by Violet Halo December 20, 2016
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Leigha's are beautiful, happy girls who love to be with there best friends.They love having sleepovers, staying up all night & eating junk food till they throw up!There eyes tell there life story & leigha's DEFENITLY love going to the mall with there bff's!
(leigha) (eyes) (best friends) (bffs) (maddy)
by maddylynn March 18, 2009
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a girl with beautiful brown eyes and loves to just hang out. she is always sweet, but wont always show her emotions. she is smart and will wait for her prince charming, and stay committed to him. she is a great kisser and loves to snuggle.
Leigha's eyes are shinning so bright.
by xtrapink January 12, 2013
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A girl with beautiful blue eyes. She is a shy girl who can easily hide her emotions. She will wait patiently for her prince charming to sweep her off her feet.
Omg that girl is such a leigha
by Teaontoast October 21, 2013
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A girl with beautiful brown eyes and pretty hair. Likes peas and carrots but mainly carrots. A loyal and trustworthy friend. Keeps your secrets. Most men dont deserve her goddess like potential. Will live for most friends and gives her all. A great friend who goes out of her way to show her friends love. Dont give her an ultimatum or she will show you up.
by ForestLife January 29, 2018
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a cunty motherfucking cunt that is so cunty she is more of a cunt than a fucking cunt
god she is so a leigha
by s&k;definitions June 05, 2017
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