38 definitions by yo momma

e-famous user on Livejournal service. Likes to post weird news and random crap found across the universe.
Did you see that latest nasty ass link on catsluvdmb's journal?
by yo momma December 1, 2004
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online game where the kids took over & don't know the difference between a duck and a goose
The Duckster>goose
The Duckster>Duckville
by yo momma April 9, 2005
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The best wrestling league ever. Ran from 1992 to 2001.
I went to ECW Heatwave 98 and it was fucking awesome.
by yo momma November 18, 2004
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Shitty band. Stole the riff from "I Saw Your Mommy" by Suicidal Tendencies.
Puddle of Mudd stole the riff from "I Saw Your Mommy" and used it for "She Hates Me".
by yo momma December 18, 2004
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Mostly a Honda Civic that's worth a grand cause it's a 93 dx...with altezza's and 4 grand worth of rims and tires, and a 3 grand paint job with 2 grand woth of stickers and a tomatoe can for an exhaust...with the SPEAKER blow off valve, under the hood.
"Hey man I bought a Type-R sticker for my Civic, it adds 5 Hp so now I have 110 Hp"
by yo momma October 19, 2003
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The fine art of getting wet and becoming ill while slowly going nowhere at great expense.
I'm gonna go sailing
by yo momma December 4, 2003
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One who makes terrible banners
Dude.. that's an outlaw tsunami banner.
by yo momma September 30, 2003
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