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The cutest, most loveable, loving, caring, charming, sexiest, most attractive, intelligent, trustable and most perfect man in the world! His bright shining brown eyes will let you melt away, his hugs and kisses will hypnotize you. He is a gentleman in every situation and treats his girl like a princess.

"Dominik" is often used to describe pure perfection, awesomeness and sex appeal.
"Do you know my boyfriend? He's so Dominik!"

"Oh god, I love how dominik you are!"

"Hot hotter Dominik"
by walterica October 12, 2013
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A sweet, charming guy that you will never forget. he is one to always be there for you in times of need, and will gladly make you laugh just to see you happy. he has an easy going nature and cares alot for the health of himself and others. he makes a perfect boyfriend and definatly knows how to make you feel special. Dominik gives the best hugs known to man, as has the most alluringly beautiful blue eyes in the world.
Ashlea: "omg renee has the best boyfreind in the world im so jealous"
jess: "yeah Dominik is so perfect *sigh*"
by crabgoesneigh<3 February 06, 2010
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Often thought as lazy, unmotivated, uncaring and rude, Domink is actually very thoughtful, cunning, and gentle. Although Dominik posses a darker side, he never reveals his true intentions. Often regarded as a lone wolf who hunts alone because Dominik can tend to be socially awkward due to his unique style. Domink's dating scene is often mysterious, never revealing who or where he's been. Organized and unpredictable, Dominik is an excellent runner, considered to have cheetah genes in him. His kryptonite is Diet Coke. Often distracted by the ferocious need for a drink of Diet Coke, he can often be found roaming for a can. Dominik posses all the best genes and is thus regarded as a great mate. Although sometimes mischevious Domink often respects most laws. Dominik also sleeps on his right side more then his left side -- reasons are unknown. Often however Dominik and Amazing are mixed up as the same definition, however, Dominik is much more Great then Amazing.
"I wish I was as Domink as Dominik"

"Let's do something Dominik like parachute over an active volcano!"

"Dominik should have a statue built after him"
by free_domk May 09, 2010
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Dominik is mostly used as an adjective and is a synonym for the following words: divine, amazing, awesome, gorgeous, omnipotent
That movie was so dominik!

A: "Do you see that gorgeous girl over there?"
B: "Yes, she's dominik!"
by urban ninja1987 February 04, 2010
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a high ranking offical in the italian mafia...said to be the last and most powerful don.
Dominik is gunna whack you if you read this.
by Dominik Espeleta November 10, 2008
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