A canine pack animal who loves human companionship.
Eats cats. Can take down large game. Doesn't sleep all day. Guards the house. Slobbers on the in-laws. Working animal. Easy to train. Happily greets you when you come home. Has good taste in furniture, particularly when eating said furniture.
Most of all, the dog is a great human companion.
Not a cat.
Owner: This is my dog, Butch.
In-law: Oh what a cute- AGH! My shoes!

Owner: Butch, I'm home!!
Butch: *happy greeting*

by Lycanthrope April 09, 2008
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buy the domain for your cat vlog
needy and lazy and fat and whiney
but we love them to death anyway
dont hurt them, they have feelings too
play with them everyday and and give all your love to them and they will love you unconditionally back
1. dog is a mans best friend
by rikki rian January 30, 2009
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Loves Us More Than It Loves Itself
Not every person knows how to love a dog , But every dog knows how to love a person
by Alaca karanlık October 03, 2015
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