To be treated badly for no reason at all by someone who led you on to believe they actually cared about you
Younger sister: Did Freddy come get you to go out?
Older sister: No, after he was an hour late I called him five times, he sent me a text saying he's busy then turned his phone off.
heart broken ignored dogged
by Beautie September 8, 2012
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To be done wrong , Or lied to.
"I just got dogged by James! He was talking to another girl the entire time."
by Anaria Led April 2, 2017
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When a friend isn't there in a time of need.
Scurry wanted John to stay out drinking all night.

John went home and dogged Scurry.
by HeyImStarlord August 8, 2016
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The act of getting penetrated roughly in the bedroom; To be dominated
Bruh, did you have sex with that girl?

Man you know i dogged that bitch, you dont even have to ask
by CheldonWest December 2, 2015
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being beaten excessively bad at a video game, sport, or just at life in general
Guy #1 Dude, did you see that one-on-one bball game between Daevon and Marquis.

Guy #2: Yeah, Marquis dogged Daevon something vicious
by Quist95 May 9, 2011
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