One of the best animals in existence! Dogs are a bred-down version of the modern wolf, but there is so much more to dogs than their ancestry! Dogs really are man's (or woman's) best friend because they are pack animals, meaning they are forever loyal to whomever takes care of them, dogs can read human emotions like they're open books, and one dog kiss is enough to make even the hardest hearts break open! Dogs are healers, friends, and family, hands down!
A) Hey man, why do you have a dog?
B) What do you mean?
A) I mean dogs are just whiny, furry, stinky messes. They bark till midnight and sniff everything!
B) Maybe you need to open your mind! Dogs are the most loyal animals around! They heal the depressed, protect families, and read us like books! Dogs are amazing even if you don't think so!
by Truelove101 January 13, 2016
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A dog is a companion and has a big heart. A dog is nice and will love you and keep u company. A dog is playful and caring. You need to give a dog love attention and show that you care. Some dogs are mean because they were treated badly and were abused.
I wish my parents gave me a nice dog.
A dog will be nice to have.
by DogloverandA April 08, 2016
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n. friend of the same sex, usually male. Derived from the members of the Dogg Pound. pl.: dogs
How've you been, dog? Long time no see!
by Boomer December 15, 1999
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Opposite sex of bitch. A bitch's man is a dog. So, if you call your woman a bitch, therefore you're a dog.
You're a dog, and she's a bitch.
by webster2008 September 05, 2008
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1. (n) Animal, either loved or hated, of the canine variety. Anything from a chihuahua to a St. Bernard.

2. (n) An ugly, or especially slutty, woman.

3. (n) Beer, particularly when cheap.

4. (n) Reference to a male.

5. (v) To follow someone, especially in a car when driving over the speed limit, with the theory that the 'lead' dog will get the ticket most likely.

6. (v) To put down, demean, dis.

7. (n) Something of poor quality.
1. I got this dog for my girlfriend, and the little shit bit me!

2. You must've been drunk last night, 'cause that girl you was with is a dog!

3. I guess so, it must've been that dog I drank at Jimmy's.

4. What's up with Jimmy, dog?

5. I heard he was pulled over the other day; must've been doing 95 dogging some other dude, but the bastard got picked off from behind.

6. Yeah, I dogged him for that. Now he's gotta pay a big fine.

7. He woulda got away if it weren't for that ride of his. It's a dog!
by Imzogelmo May 26, 2009
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A person that ditches his friends for other things.
"Screw hangingout with my mates, im going to dog them and go have bum sex with that pedofile from pizza hut"
by Anonymous Chinese Person March 31, 2008
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