The best friend you can have! He/she is loyal and you always love them as much or more than family. Because they are family!
I hate all the humans at my job. Imma go get the man's best friend, a dog!
by TheEmeraldDog February 06, 2015
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a guy who hits and runs, as in he tells girls what they wanna hear to get in their panties and as soon as he gets the pussy, he's gone. unable to commit to one woman. DOG.
Paul is a dog. don't date him!!!
by Vee Dawg August 08, 2005
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Dog means a friend or a person that you hangout with. Not to be confused with an animal dog.
by Sk8r Gurl! August 21, 2009
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A best friend. Always there. Doesn't ask for more than a scratch on the back or a pat on the belly...
by pmunkyandpals October 12, 2008
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A four-legged mammal, kept as a companion and a pet. Also detects diseases and gives love and affection to owners.
I love my dog, he is very obedient and well-trained, he is very loving!
by VelocityLuxor October 13, 2016
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1. Any four-legged, pack hunting, carnivorous animal of the genus Canis. Yes, I consider a wolf to be a dog, because the common house Dog, Canis Familiaris or Canis Domesticus is a bred-down version of Canis Lupus, the modern wolf. Makes a good pet, as they are intelligent, curious, and as I have earlier stated, a pack animal, and therefore easily suited to life with a family of many people, or fewer.

2. What you call a close buddy.
1. Peta can suck my nuts, dogs, and every other pet, usually (90% of the time,) have a better life in captivity than in the wild, as a matter of fact, if it weren't for human captivity, we wouldn't have Canis Familiaris as we know it today! LICK MY ASSHOLE, PETA!

2. Hey dog, you got any homwork tonight?
by Alexander Girard September 12, 2005
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