Mediocre; run of the mill; as if by chance (Australia). From the Australian national joke: A young Indian brave goes to his Chief to ask for advice. "Chief?" he asked. "How do you choose the names you give us?" The old man responds, "You see your friend there? I named him Soaring Eagle after the first thing that I saw when he was born. That goes for everyone I name. But you of all the braves should know this, Two Dogs Fucking."
"G'day mate. How was the band last night?"
"Two dogs. Might as well've stayed home."
"Crikes. I heard they was good."
by Joe 6 Mama July 18, 2007
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When you try to jam both of your nuts in a girl's asshole. It's supposed to be as difficult as keeping two live dogs in a bathtub together.
i got one nut in her ass, but i couldnt manage the two dogs in a bathtub.
by billy poopluvr May 04, 2004
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put your balls in the persons ass...its ass hard as keeping 2 dogs in a tub
I gave Zack Dunn 2 dogs in a tub.
by Mike Fennelly is Hot April 01, 2003
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a term used when attempting to place both balls into another's mouth and failing
It's just like two dogs in a bath, one is always trying to get out
by postmyk January 28, 2004
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When you try to stuff a set of nuts in a woman's asshole. In turn is as impossible as washing "two dogs in a bath tub".
"This bitch's ass was so loose that I had to give her the two dogs in a bath tub treatment."
by jgf July 19, 2006
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It's where a women is in doggy style and 2 men shove the cock in her ass at the same time in a violent matter, leaving pubic hair on her ass and after you jizz in her ass, it will leak out and stick to the hair, looking like a hairy ass, or dogs ass
Dude, me and jon put two dogs in the bath tub at jenny's house last night and she was screaming until we jizzed in her ass and she calmed down!
by partyboyneil August 23, 2008
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To solve two problems with a single action. The phrase was created to be a less violent version of "kill two birds with one stone."
I needed to run some errands but I also wanted to catch up with Melissa. I decided to feed two dogs with one bone and I asked Melissa to come with me.
by EJ M January 24, 2011
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