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A deathclaw is an enemy found and fought in the "Fallout" series by Bethesda. Deathclaws have a somewhat dinosaur-like apearance with a raptor like body, razor sharp teeth, horns, and trademark claws on each hand. They are incredibly fast, have incredibly high health and are known for forcing a player to waste a copious amount of ammunition for little reward other than experience. Any true Fallout player has had at least 3 nightmares involving deathclaws, bad condition power armor and nothing but a ten millimeter pistol.
Oh fuck, it's a fucking death claw... fuck

Hey it seems like everything is going pretty well... oh wait there's a deathclaw, never mind.

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A NPC companion in the fallout series of games. Dogmeat is a dog (resembling a German shepherd) who accompanies the lone wanderer on his quests through the wastelands of post apocalyptic Washington DC. Dogmeat is sufficient at many tasks such as foraging for food, ammunition, small weapons, and surprisingly drugs (aka chems. All of these can be acquired by telling Dogmeat to search for them. Dogmeat also is quite powerful in the battlefield as it has much health and its bite is much worse than its bark.
Lone wanderer: Dogmeat, go find me ammo

Dogmeat: Bark Bark

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A monetary unit designed by the secret European council to confuse Americans and Swindle them out of their money. This is done by giving them more for each Dollar they try to exchange. They are told that things are the same price in Europe so the Americans feel that they receive a good deal, however, on arrival, the Europeans have craftily made everything 4.6 times more expensive.
European: This sandwich is 14 euros.

American: That's like 18 dollars

European: No man.... ur gettin a deal man...

American: No i'm not....

European: But dude... Look at how tasty this sandwich is...

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Acronym for Sub Machine Gun. It is commonly used in the game Halo 3 where it is one of the few duel-wieldable weapons. It features a high rate of fire especially when two are used. Keep in mind that it is a rather useless weapon when used alone. Aim to duel wield.Commonly it is pronounced "Smug" over X-Box live voice chat.
Player 1: Dude grab that SMG

Player 2: F*** yeah

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