Usually the first companion in any Fallout game. A German Shepard breed who eats feral ghouls and raiders alike!
Come here Dogmeat!

Dogmeat: Arf!


Dogmeat: Ruff!
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by Mimikyu_12360 August 24, 2017
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Like stalemate in a game of chess, dogmeat is when two evenly matched dogs draw in fight over a bitch in heat.
those two dogs have just had fight over who gets to "mate" it was a draw, it was "dogmeat"
by elsmyth July 18, 2015
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a word used to express ur happiness and rudeness
Miss Morel Says "Bonjour" and the reply is "Dogmeat meatmeat"
by Sophy_aka_Toffee May 17, 2007
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wtf DOGMEAT is not an npc player thank u very much! its my nick i was givin it buy a sargent out of the game "sewer shark" on the "sega mega cd". it was the first cd-rom game i ever played and that nick was given to my by the gods of war.
DOGMEAT is fuly sic and he never gets GAYED what d hell?
by DOGMEAT June 08, 2004
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Keith: hey man that cheryl cole is hot af id love to smash her.

Graham: na man that bitch is dog meat she’s been ridin the black pole.
by Dizzyd6699 June 09, 2019
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Trash, garbage, not good. Specifically in reference to video games
Bro these kids are dogmeat they've missed every shot!
by Elvish Freshly March 12, 2021
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dog meat Is used to describe somone who is done for, about to die, or will die if they do something
Guy 1: If you touch my hamster, your dog meat mate.
Guy 2: Oh shit1!1 *runs*
by jimboxd21 October 01, 2018
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