Deca OG.... A 10 or more year veteran of something.
He is a real DOG
by sheriff jon October 4, 2011
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doing only gangster shit
me my boys out here and we some dogs
by Noah presents December 2, 2016
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Keep popin lip and on dogs ima snuff you nigga
by joe March 8, 2003
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I heard dazza talked to the cops. He's a fucking dog.
by godra December 24, 2014
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this is where people meet up in car parks and watch eachother having sex. Sometime other people join in, but its mainly about watching and getting off on it!
ooooo, i went dogging lst night at the local car park. it was jolly good fun!
by frellie February 19, 2005
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precious species which should be protected and treated with love at all times. too pure for this cruel world in which we live in
i love dog
by frickfrackpattywhack October 29, 2015
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