"Definition of a dog: Not a cat" = Baldrick, Blackadder III (British comedy)
by Nuclear Spoon September 22, 2005
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A four legged creature that loves to sniff butts, hump legs and roll in the nastiest stuff possible. Most are dumb as shit but extremely loyal and protective to people they like.
My boyfriend was such an asshole that I dumped him and got a dog instead.
by oceancats August 31, 2017
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The domestic dog is a domesticated canid witch has been bred into certain characteristics over thousands I years also a cute lovable companion also know as mans best freind
by Maxanator August 27, 2016
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The word dog is Used to describe something that is awful
Her:sorry about the sex I was tired
Him:is that why the sex we had was dog
by Gedrivers July 31, 2019
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I heard that dog your best friend and I ain’t talking about the pet
by Cameron1987 August 4, 2018
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Australian Slag for being 'Ditched' or 'Ditching'
You would say 'Dont Dog it' or 'They Dogged it'

And if a person did something bad to someone els,
or had plans with someone, and didnt show..
they did a 'Dog act'

If someone just isnt a nice person..
or is known to 'Ditch' people, they are known as 'Dogs'
by Geminii October 8, 2011
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Swearing on the lives of all of your closest friends.
"Dude you fucked that fat bitch?"
"No way man, On dogs I didnt"
by DBKALLDAY March 20, 2010
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