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1) A condition were one feels the urge to have sex with a dog due to sick perversions or desperation
2) can be used to explain a "why" question that would have a drawn out or less funny answer than "because you have dogfuckitis", similar to because you touch yourself at night

1) Used to describe anything similar or related to dogfuckitis, most often smell

Dogfuckitis is a general slang term that can be applied to anything as long as it fits.
1) Joe: *walks into Dan's room* "Dude, it smells like

dogfuckitis in here."

Dan: "Well why don't you make like a tree then, and get

the fuck out!"

2)Bob has a serious case of dogfuckitis, I walked in on him

and a Labrador...

3) Why is there sadness in the world?

Because you have dogfuckitis...
by dancesinblood1 October 18, 2011
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