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To smash someone in the groin, especially a male and especially with a blunt object.
Ouch, Bertuzzi just crotched MacInnis!
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You haven't even started working on your essay yet? Honestly, you're the biggest dogfucker I've ever seen.
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A threat. Related to "...break my foot off in your ass." Can be used against one or two opponents.
"I will wear you like a meat sneaker."

"I'm gonna bend you guys over and turn you into my meat sneakers."
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A combination of 'oblivion' and 'obliterate'. Basically means exactly the same as 'obliterate'. Used in two different Front Line Assembly songs on their 2004 album 'Civilization'.
From the song 'Civilization':
These islands collapsing,
we burn, rape, obliverate,
our conscience heavy,
we take and take,
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A substance found in beer (except American beer) and several other beverages that makes you excessively happy, sad, belligerent or horny. It allows white men to dance and ugly men to get laid (when given to their victim).
You wanna get with that hottie? You're gonna need lots of alcohol!
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One who has amassed so much experience handling gay ass that he has is now qualified for consultancy.
I suspect that our new boss is a bit of an assconsultant.
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An ancient novel full of murder, corruption, homosexuality, bestiality, incest and cruelty. It is often read to children on Sunday.
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