An earnest but often naïve person (typically educated and white) who wants reform through philanthropic or egalitarian means. e.g. wealth redistribution, social justice, welfare, third world immigration, adoption of "disadvantaged" children (usually non-white and from abroad), affirmative action and spending other peoples' money for good causes. See also white guilt. Do-gooders always mean well but may misinterpret opposing preferences to be racist, cold, intolerant or greedy. They genuinely want human development & positive environmental awareness, although the methods are a source of debate.

Do-Gooders can be either liberal/left or “social conservative” (as opposed to fiscal). For some, issues such as "ethnic diversity" & "multiculturalism" are a religious calling, but they generally don’t have the same burden for promoting it in countries apart from western ones - and don't feel that having a lack of ethnic diversity is a crime for any non-european countries (e.g. Japan). A few inherent contradictions may exist, such as the fact that literal "multiculturalism" would instead favor separation of ethnic or cultural groups to maintain “diversity”. Some subconsciously believe that decreasing the "european-descent" portion of the population pie is indicative of western progress.

Do-gooder methods do not always create the positive outcomes intended. The transfer of money from one group of people to another is usually the result.
"My aunt is always involved in some humanitarian project and she plans on adopting some foreign children. My boyfriend thinks she is a do-gooder

"I can't believe how many do-gooders there are in this town who voted for more spending!"
by mocktwinkie February 5, 2010
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a person who frequently does selfless thing to the point of seeming slightly pretentious
Why do you have to be such a do-gooder?
by The Return of Light Joker August 4, 2009
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See bleeding heart liberal. Someone who thinks they are helping society by championing oppressed minority groups, when in fact they are ruining society and crippling free speech.
by con July 15, 2004
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A white liberal. Someone who knows what is best for everyone else, and devotes his life to shoving it down our throats.
Hillary Clinton is a do-gooder who wants to make us all pay for medical care for lazy bums who piss their lives away spray painting grafitti on other people's property.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
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A person who wants to "do you" good; as in take your money, property, and personal freedom. Usually a liberal or a leftist in political orientation.
Do-gooders do very well for themselves, usually by cashing in on government grants and private donations.
by Moishe Gonzales January 20, 2004
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A naive person who's well-intentioned proposals fail to take into account their repercussions.

If you are an Australian, you will probably know about the recent ban on all live cattle exports to Indonesia, due to animal rights concerns, if you support it, you are a do-gooder who fails to take into account that this was a small minority of abbotairs who were violating both official regulations and Islamic laws, and that this will take a HUGE toll on our economy, Indonesia WAS one of our primary ports to export cattle to, you fucking do-gooder idiots.

Once again if you are an Australian, you probably also know about the Carbon Tax, which taxes everybody. I mean we all heard that it will cost less than 50c a week, but large companies will be Taxed more, and when COMPANIES (not high earners, I MEAN COMPANIES THAT COMPRISE THE EMPLOYEES) are taxed, that money comes out of our Paychecks, and the high cost of employment usually forces companies to hire overseas in countries with little human rights such as Vietnam and China.

Do-gooders are overtaking our parliament, we must stop them!

We musn't enforce policies with simply good intentions, we have to take into account the larger picture.
And it's not just Leftists, far right Christian Groups have called for the Prohibition of Alchohol and Tobacco, and the right wing were behind the illegalization of Cannabis, but history has taught us that when we Prohibit a product that is in high demand, crime rates climb because the demand doesn't end, but the safe purchase does. And this allows violent cartels to overtake the Industry, do-gooder.

Pretty much all affirmative action incentives may please Minorities, but fail to take into account that welfare is an addictive cycle, and that Minorities are hurt if they are given advantages over others. It creates a more unequal society, one where to our welfare and education system Race and Ethnicity is stressed more then anything else. It suggests that minorities would be unable to help themselves, and that is prejudice, i thought we wanted everyone to have equal opportunity and rights, isn't that what reconciliation is about?
by CreamCheeze June 7, 2011
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Person who has a large object permanently inserted inside the ends of their world. Due to such object, they become blurred to the realities of life, and therefore, feel the need to push their own agenda regardless of whether that agenda appears to be relevant, important and true to the rest of the sane world.
Do-gooders come in different shapes, such as:
• Bra burners – Due to the fumes of too much molten nylon, their brain cells have suffered extensive damage, and they fail to realise no sex is better than the other, because in the real world, we are in fact complementary to one another.
• Tree hugger - These breed of wild flower children have been affected by too much green stuff being consumed for a large number of years while reading depressing stuff like “Ode to the Earth”, “How to successfully chain your arms around a tree” and other depressing material like that, while others are trying to pay taxes to paid for their dole.
• The Churchie – This particular individual uses the “Jesus” card as a shield to cover their own inadequacies, if they learned how to dress correctly and stopped hating themselves for saying the word “Hell”, Christianity would not look so dorky, I can only imagine Jesus shaking his head and wondering what he has done to deserve this crap of a promotional campaign.
• The Social Worker – This one of the most dangerous do gooders around, these idiots want to enforce the will of the courts, like taking away kids from their parents due to a mere suspicion they have smacked their kids “once” on the bum, crying out “abuse, abuse, abuse”, and as a consequence, we cannot discipline our children and we now have a generation of young dudes and dudettes who do not understand the meaning of right and wrong, let alone understand the meaning of responsibility.
• Lessos and pufters – These can manifest in any of the above forms, however, their major malfunction is that, not only do they want to stick their noses in other people’s business, they want to promote their own brand of rainbowish self righteousness and be accepted in a world that is over them; they also want to shove their depravity on other people’s faces demanding the same right as normal people. They want to re write history to suit their small minority enclaves, when in fact, that model does not promote social harmony, because normal people simply don’t give a shit.
• The Redneck – These individuals will feel threatened by any form of foreign influence in our society, and feels the need to recommend a massive purchase of plane or boat tickets for non-rednecks to vacate his territory, funny though, their favourite meal is Pizza and Beer and they love Arnie movies.
• The Politician – These suit wearing dudes could be compared to King Midas on Ice, because everything politicians touch turns to shit. Their saving grace however, is their ability to seldomly be honest and because of that grace, they automatically press the self destruct button and get voted out of office, look what happened to Mr. Howard.
by Pupuhead's Dad January 18, 2008
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