9 definitions by OLSKOO

A Funny Albino Irish Roman Catholic Who iz Funnier Dan J Leno.
Did u C da Mini J Leno!? "LOL!"
by OLSKOO December 02, 2003
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Another Big Meat Eata Dinosaur Dat iz Smalla Dan T-Rex, Allosaurus, Spinosaurus nor Gigantosaurus................Itz 12 ft high Dats Black & Red With A Horn on Itz Snout! It waz On JP3!
Look at Da Part when They were Lookin for Da Phone N Da Spinosaurus Shit & A Red Dinosaur with a Horn Walks up(It looks like a T-Rex!)
by OLSKOO November 29, 2003
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A Big Weird Dinosaur That was a Carnivore & proved it was Bigger,Stronger,Faster,Heavier,Smarter & More agresive Then a Tyrannosaurus!!!!! Spinosaurus: Tyrannosaurus: 21 ft Tall 16 ft Tall 52 ft Long 43 ft Long 7 tonnes14,000ibs 6 tonnes12,000ibs 44 mph 32 mph 16 in Teeth 11 in Teeth
That Meat Eating Dinosaur on JurassicPark3 That Killed the Tyrannosaurus!!!!!
by OLSKOO September 20, 2003
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It is known 4 Bein Da Worldz Hottest Countrie with A Average Tempurture of 104 degrees!
by OLSKOO November 08, 2003
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