The act of separating the goods betwixt your fellow chumps.
Hey Stanley, lets divi up your paycheck homeslice
by Uncle Pen December 6, 2017
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Divi, Div, Divy A person who is not very smart or has just done a stupid thing
James walks down the street and walks into a lamp-post. His friends turn around to him and say 'James you divi.'
by Cumberland Lad November 1, 2017
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A Guyanese girl who is 5 feet tall and is identified as a cup.
by Nigerianuncle April 16, 2020
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unique individual who runs people pretty much.
yo that kid was good at bball he pulled a divy
by Dvsone December 31, 2005
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Cool, lit, in agreeance. Short for divine.
A) Dude, check out that lit mountain!
B)that’s pretty divy!
by Slygard May 2, 2018
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To divide up into sections by means of separating.
Obaid will divy the half-once of weed him and I brought into rolling papers.
by Lord Webster July 14, 2010
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(Pronounced: Di-vee) Divi: A slang term expressing perfection, success, or triumph; short for "divine"
"Stacie's mom's cookies are divi ." DIVI
by Rok Da Divi December 5, 2007
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