be-twixt (preposition): The midpoint between two places or times; can also be used for comparison purposes.
1. I enjoy traveling betwixt the front room and the back room.

1. He was supposed to call betwixt 2 and 3.

Can also indicate choices:
1. I am not able to choose betwixt corn and green beans.

See also inbetwixt
by Wint May 6, 2005
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the betwixt is betwixt the genitals and the anus
by Lingual Frenulum December 31, 2018
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bih-TWIKST (adv.)

A slang term for sexual intercourse. Similar to "have/had sex" Derived from the phrase of getting "between those legs."

(Used in conjunction with some form of "Get" to create an idiom / phrasal verb.)
"I wanna get betwixt her!"

"Did you hear about Jen and Tom? They TOTALLY got betwixt last night!"

"I'm bored. Remind me again why we're not getting betwixt right now?"
by Pointy Pointy Point June 1, 2012
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The space betwixt a girl's legs up by her pussy when she's standing with her knees touching. Measured in fingers with 3 fingers being utopia. If you can run three fingers up between a girl's legs from just above her knees to her pussy, you've found a beautiful girl -- usually they are fit, slender, pretty shoulders, nice ass and trim with curves in all the right places -- and flexible too. They usually have a pretty pussy... mounded up, entrance towards the front, and flat between her thighs. Many times their lips and clit stick out prominently -- when seen from behind with backlight, the space is often seen as a small heart with the lips and clit making the upper separation between the upper halves of the "heart". If you're a man and you see one, you'll usually fall in love at first sight...
Man, she' s got a three finger betwixt -- I see the light!
by JeffRo1234567 October 1, 2012
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first featured in the publication of great expectations, betwixted it thought to be a verb for "the action one does before eating a Twix", which is contrary to many beliefs. Betwixted is not only a word though, it has paved the way for many great figures in history. Thoman Jefferson Betwixed the Declration of Independace, the very law of our country. Ghadi betwixed his peave movements, and judging from his size, one must know buddah betwixed everytime he fucking did anything!!!
Not only is Betwixted an important thing in history, but it';s also methamophisized into the relgion Betwixtedism. Today Mars chocolate company's CEO is also the cardinal of this fast-growing relgion. Today people are buying cases of Twix's so they can sacrifice there actions to the better of thier god.
Molly:Im going to betwixted
by CuriousGeorge December 18, 2005
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1) A big fence runs in betwixt since right and left Twix hate despise each other so much.

2) Brad got fired by left Twix after he was caught trying to smuggle left Twix candy bars through betwixt and into the right Twix factory.

3) Johny wants to buy the land betwixt and start his own company called Center Twix.
by Kartoffelbri July 13, 2017
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A Betwixt Bitch is the firm middle of the road bitch that falls between Basic Bitch and Bad Bitch.
The Betwixt Bitch knows what she wants and exactly how to get it, she is ready for anything physically, emotionally, and intellectually as long as it is something she will likely enjoy. She has to be both book smart as well as street smart yet is allowed to occasionally have a "blonde day" here and there. While she enjoys designer cloths, purses, scented candles, Victoria secret, mochas and lattes, and all other items that is considered basic bitch territory or mainstream she isn't afraid to mix it up. The Betwixt Bitch is comfortable in Flannel Shirts and Yoga Pants just as much as she is in a Business Suit or Evening Gown. The Betwixt Bitch has a sense of class and is all about business just like the Bad Bitch when she needs to be but can find herself in comfort cloths when it is called for and sometimes even when it is not. She is a woman that knows how to take care of her man at home and in the streets and remains loyal to him and herself. In order to qualify as the Betwixt Bitch you have to be able to show qualities of both Bad Bitch and Baisc Bitch in equal balance.
Jennifer Anniston is the most Betwixt Bitch in Hollywood. She likes her Basic Bitch items yet can go toe to toe with the most Bad Bitch on the block.
by Hot Mess Jess October 12, 2018
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