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When you get happy, confident, tipsy, social, intoxicated, or varying degrees of slizzard from alcohols besides ethanol. It's like more fun than being drunk, but not quite as fun as being high. It's like a great buzz without the buzzkill. It's feeling great and dissolved into a state of confidence and inebriation from these alcohols. Higher carbon chain alcohol can provide an intoxicating feeling similar to ethanol, but with less liver damage and little to no hangover. Examples include 1-propanol, n-butanol, GHB, and 2-methyl-2-butanol. They still can get you drunk in higher amounts, but these alcohols get you a social and slizzard high far below the tipsy or drunk level. They also last longer than regular ethanol. Use these alcohols responsibly!
Dude: I drank some butanol and got dissolved.

Chick: I had some propanol and feeling tipsy. I got dissolved.
Woman: I feel so dissolved from the 2-methyl-2-butanol. I'm in the mood for anything.
Sheen: Oh yeah! It's time to do it. Also, this ghb is strong stuff. I'm so dissolved.
by CognitiveFuel May 11, 2015
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