The most beautiful food in the world.
<FlareonAtma> brb, pepperoni pizza
by Atma October 23, 2003
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when your friend is making out in his car with his gurl,the rest of us boys pull our pants down and slam our junk against the windows.
while pedro was in the car making good we gave him a good old fashioned pepperoni pizza!
by bruno gaboni March 21, 2018
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During a threesome, if one partner dies, the other two just puts the body under the bed and then they watch the Iron Chef on the Food Channel.
Dawg, that threesome was goin' great until it turned into a pepperoni pizza. But that Japanese cook was making that stove his bi-atch!
by David Galvez February 9, 2008
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To perform the Bellacinos Special. You need first a large pizza, 1 tub of garlic spread, and 5 packets of mustard. Your partner and you must be in a back hoe with an enclosed cab. Then place the pizza on your girlfriend and dump the garlic spread on her ass. Also remember she must be laying. take 4 packets of mustard and squirt them in her crouch area and then squirt one in her eye. Stick your dick in her rear and eat the pizza off her back. then when ur dick is covered in garlic spread stick ur dick in her pussy and wait til it is covered in mustard then stick ur garlic/mustard flavored dick in her mouth and blow your load. she will enjoy the special.
Wow me and my gf really had fun last night. She loves the pepperoni pizza special
by Tony Palmer August 22, 2006
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when the establishment wishes to find malicious intent for something with absolutely no meaning
"it's literally just pepperoni pizza with cheese, no meaning at all"
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Phrase used to communicate with *le nigga aliens*
i don't even know wtf I just wrote lmao *guacamole nigga cheese pepperoni pizza filante*
by salvo91able January 5, 2020
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A person's ass that is full of pimples and/or pockmarks; similar to how kids with acne were called "pizza`face" back in grade school, except this term is specific to the buttock area.
Matt: "Alex mooned me yesterday and I was like, 'damn! I didn't order no pepperoni & butthole pizza!'"
Cara: "Ha! I called him up and ordered it for you and he said he'd deliver for free."
Matt: "Well, there was way too much pepperoni for my liking."
Cara: "Yeah, and probably not enough butthole, huh? ha!"
Matt: "SIIIIIIICK!!!!"
by Special_Delivery! June 17, 2011
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