refusal to acknowledge, and/ or maintain any connection with.

people are often ''disowned'' by their family.

to be disowned is to be ignored like you don't exist by a specific person/group as they should act as if they don't know you, and never did.
"Amy's family disowned her when they found out she was a lesbian."
by qztal April 24, 2018
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Disown is to refuse to acknowledge a person/being.
To refuse to have ever knowing this person or being.
Jana went out and bought a dime bag.
Mark then disowned her for a year until she went to rehab.
by Joe Yo December 9, 2007
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What extremely religious families do to children who don’t believe in the same religion as their parents
Carl believed in Buddhism and his Christian families disowned him
by Dubiks December 30, 2019
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What my dad did to me when he went to find milk
Dad: I will be right back i will get some milk
2000 years later:

by RIBBITE April 6, 2021
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What you should do to any dumbass who goes around saying "owned".
You just got dis-owned you little pwned homos.I just disown -ed YOU.
by loloserz September 8, 2005
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What you do to anyone who says "OWNED" or "OWN3D" or "pwn3d" or "pawned",etc.
Haha,you stupid little shit fucks just got disOWNED!!!
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