A shitty little city in east central Georgia. Also known as Augusta.
A place so humid your underwear becomes permantly plastered to your ass .
Devoid of Culture and Refinement.
Lacking any redeemable qualities.

Full of Fat, white trash rednecks who think Applebee's is fine dining and go to Wal-Mart as entertainment.
Populated by a plethora of fat women driving SUVs and Dodge Ram Pickups.
"I just got back from Disgusta, and it will take me days to get the stink off me."

"That Redneck family wearing the Wal-Mart clothes is soooo Disgusta."
by poontang June 14, 2006
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A miserable, boring ass medium sized city in Georgia. Also sometimess called Augusta.
Perpetually stuck in 1972.
Extremely ghetto for a city its size. Kind of like a little Southern Detroit with more white trash. A place so boring, that teenagers still cruise the parking lots of fast food restaurants. The air smells like farts. Has some of the ugliest and fattest women anywhere. A complete shit hole. Best avoided.
"Damn, it looks like the army is sending me to Fort Gordon in Disgusta. I'd rather go to Iraq, at least there would be more to do."
by FarmFresh April 08, 2009
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something so bad you have no word for it except this one
that smells disgustaful

that meal was disgustaful
by Stimulation May 17, 2019
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