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Nasty ass ghetto city in Georgia more commonly known as Disgusta. Has a lot of pollution, crime, and just pure ass nastiness. The place smells like ass and looks like a third world country. Half the population is retarded and the other half just look that way. It would be the perfect location for a post apocalyptic zombie movie.
Take a trip to Augusta, GA and it will make Detroit seem like paradise.
by FarmFresh August 09, 2009
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Also known as Disgusta, a very boring place where the people who live there have nothing to do but look forward to getting invited to Putt-Putt parties. Around Masters Season all the people who live there have to deal with traffic and can never step out until it's safe. The best thing you can do is look at overpriced things in the mall and go downtown. If you're a criminal, then trust me you have a variety of hotels to hide in. Every road has churches, hotels, and restaurants. Unless you're a heavy praiser of Jesus who likes to sleep at a hotel every night and eat at any local restaurant, then there's no reason to come live here willingly.
The Masters is held at Augusta, GA every year, the only exciting thing that Augusta itself has going for it.
by Augusta Civillian August 24, 2018
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The worst, most boring city ever to exist. The heat and humidity are horrible. If you take a deep breath of stagnant, Augusta air, you will smell farts and marijuana stank, along with the occasional note of shit. This is due to the fact that, apparently, every God forsaken piece of land here has to be built on, leaving less trees. The heat seems to make people crazy, which is probably causing the ass-loads of crime we have.
Augusta is also what some dub the "golf capital of the world" because the Masters is held here. If you have been to Augusta because of that, here's something you don't know: Master's week is the ONLY time that Augusta looks like a normal, nice place to be.
While it's the only place I have ever lived, I was raised by people who aren't from here, therefore I am a normal person who lives in a place filled with dumbfarts. As a person unlike the majority, I think that everyone who lives here falls under at least one of the following categories:

1. A whore
2. A snob
3. A person who regularly speeds
4. A person whose brain is so affected by the heat that they don't put a damn bit of thought into what they're doing
5. A person who isn't from around here and/or is raised by someone who isn't from here who is wondering why the hell they're here.

Unless you absolutely have to, don't move to Augusta. Just...don't.
Person 1: "Oh my God man, I just came back from Augusta, GA."

Person 2: "For real, man?"

Person 1: " Yeah, just because some of my relatives live there. I don't know how they can live there, it's so boring."

Person 2: "I feel sorry for you, but I feel especially bad for your relatives. Damn."
by zawakuchi July 24, 2011
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The second largest city and metro area in Georgia, next to the Savannah River. Home of Augusta National Golf Course and the Augusta Riverdogs. 30 minutes from Georgia's largest man made lake, Clarks Hill. Augusta is also Home to Georgia's only public health sciences graduate school, Medical College of Georgia.
by 0001201202202020 December 04, 2010
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A nice size city in east central Georgia, home of the masters international golf tournament, it is a city which receives heavily unneeded criticism, but could use some work.
Guy: Have you gotten tickets to the masters in Augusta, GA yet? Guy:Yep
by ncsboi July 23, 2011
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