Dodge the father
Ram the daughter
after i dodge the father i ram his daughter
dodge ram
by azazasas October 8, 2009
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The world's greatest truck.
God's gift to earth.
The 5.7 liter engine makes men cum in there pants while the engine hits high rpms
notorious for raping all other trucks chevy,ford,nissan,toyota,gmc.
1500 leads all aspects of beastness(towing,horsepower,payload,displacement, all that good shit) and most importantly manlyness
reliable and backed by a lifetime powertrain warranty all others aint got shit on this piece of Dodge legend
My Dodge Ram just pulled a silverado to fucking kingdom come.

That rednecks Ram just vaped that homos f-150.

The Ram just slayed a wannabe tundra with a 5.7
the reason it one because the badges say hemi
by ryry sand April 27, 2010
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The shittiest truck ever built. Sluggish, underpowered, meager capability.
The people who own them will not use them at all for what they were built for. They will try to drive them like a NASCAR, even though they can be outran by a moped.
Dipshits who buy Dodge Rams, especially with the HEMI, are prone to temper tantrums and a complete disregard for other people on the road. A Ram owner's IQ is generally low, and it is a miracle that they even have a driver's license.
Guy #1: Why the hell did you buy this faggoty Dodge Ram?
Ram Owner/douchebag: Because I have an incredibly small penis, and it makes me feel like a man, even though a girl kicked my ass the other day for almost running over her child in a school zone.
Guy #1: You are truly a sad individual who deserves to be castrated, so as not to pollute the earth with your retarded offspring. This world would be better off without megalomaniac scumbags like you.
Ram Owner/douchebag: What does HEMI mean? *Cries like a little bitch*
by bonqueesha jefferson December 25, 2010
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The act of sitting down on the toilet, placing your hand 8 inches below your turd-cutter, and shitting in you hand. Then proceeding to Ram it right back up into your asshole.
Jacob-“Bro I just had the steamiest dump and did the Dodge Ram”
by G-MackBoy6969 April 24, 2018
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Line of pick-up trucks, notorious for being cheaply made, and uglier than a red-headed 60yr old prostitute.

Also available with the 5.7 HEMI motor, although most dodge owners, driving a lifted half-ton, with marker lights and stickers all over the back window, have no idea what HEMI means.
Douchebag -"Dude, my lifted Dodge Ram HEMI is soooo sick, it's F-ckin' strong bra"

Average Pick up driver - "My Silverado can actually carry shit in the back.... and the only 'bra' around here is the cum-stained one your girlfriend left in my glovebox"
by dirty chubb November 20, 2010
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Noun- A women's truck that tends to get stuck alot in mud and gravel, usually needs the help of a Chevy or Ford to tow it out.Friends don't left friend drive dodge; an offroading bitch
Verb- To get stuck in even the smallest amount of dirt or mud; To be a bitch to Chevy and ford trucks.
Dodge Owner-"My lifted dodge ram with 38" mud tires and a cummins got stuck in a small puddle"
Chevy Owner-"Hold on, ill be there soon to tow you out with my K5."
by zr2 September 19, 2009
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And on the 8th day Gos said let there be division, and there was dodge.
Dodge Ram sucks.
by John W. Doe December 28, 2022
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