Americans who believe in 1950’s Midwestern values. A Paper Mill in every town and a thot on every street corner. Like Bengals fans just slughtly more in reality.
Clint is voting for the local politicians who support Paper Mills Nation and got solid patty points.
by LibertarianBrosPAC May 1, 2019
A great place to get seshed at. Usually has a lit chocolate cake.
Wanna go down to paper mill lock.
Sure G it will be lit.
by johnmque March 5, 2017
A lit area where you and your mandem can roll true and cop a bun
paper mill lock the littist place in England
by 76809 March 5, 2017
The annoying fact of life that you might have to go to the printer or "document center" at your job just a few minutes before it's time to head home.
Fookin' sunovabitch! I gotta go to the paper mill to sort out my work, and I have a train to catch at 3:30!
by pentozali August 28, 2006