The name of a can of chewing tobacco, including Grizzly or Skoal.
Man I need to put in a discus, it's basically my whole life. I fucking love it.
by kbizzle2006ck March 20, 2011
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Aaron Studt's life, he will own the State of Wisconsin at Discus his senior year fellas...
Aaron Will Throw this to win state in 2006
by Aaron Studt December 08, 2003
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Billy walked in on his sister and her friends at a slumber party while they were having a clitoris discus.
by Monocle Lewinsky July 14, 2014
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to have a penis that is very short and very thick.
Dave has a penis that is only 1 inch long, yet it is 9 inches wide. His friends laugh and say, "Oh that Dave! He is hung like a discus". They also call him a 'fagatron'.
by cambot October 19, 2007
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When you spin with a discus at fast as u can and throw it as hard as u can at a babies face, let it bounce off, than catch it
Me: dude, that cock-a-doodle discus last night was so fun. It kinda turns me on too.

Stranger: who tf are you get away from me and my family
by Peefdeef April 19, 2018
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A type of glider that belongs to the f3k category of RC model competition, launched like discus by human force and is propeller-free
That guy launches up to 200 feet with his DLG (discus-launched glider)
by Lololololol9527 December 16, 2019
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