stands for "de la guerra," the main dining common at UCSB - used in jack johnson's song "Bubble Toes" because he attended UCSB
"well i was eating lunch at the DLG when this pretty girl came and she sat next to me"
by maddov August 6, 2005
An acronym for Daddy's Little Girl (aka Daddy's Girl).

A little girl who is attached to and indulged by her daddy.
Holy crap man look at that DLG with her daddy's credit card. I bet she owns the beamer out front.
by Mira_Girl_16 October 19, 2013
Dark Latin Groove. A term used to describe the talented dance skills of a Latino/Hispanic person.
by Latinlabel May 15, 2005
Dating Little Girls.
A rising organization created by twitch streamer “ImLilEse”
guy: did you see that guy over there talking to underage girls?
guy #2: yeah, he’s gotta be part of DLG
by DLGK4LIFE January 30, 2021
Stands for De La Guerra at UCSB. Place where everyone puts stuff inside themselves and don't tell others later what they put.
After waiting in a line that curved with the surface of the earth I had Mexican food at DLG for the thousandth time yesterday.

My girlfriend fainted after the DLG line.
by Lu-frog October 22, 2021
DLG is an acronym that means “Down Low Gang” used by the twitch streamer Imlilese. He says it means people that are underrated or “sleeper picks.” people that are lowkey and great.
Someone: You part of DLG?
You: Yeah i get hella bitches
by Imlilese January 31, 2021
DLG = Dick Licking Girl

girl who licks/sucks a lot of dick.
dirty girl.
wow, look at that slut..
"yeah, have you heard, she's such a DLG"
by bebe. May 18, 2007