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1. a woman who will do anything to get her hands on all "members of the band" and seduce them. She stalks stars and uses and abuses them. She's a very aggressive starfucker.

2. a #1 hit by Michael Jackson that hit the top during the spring and summer of 1988. It's the fifth #1 hit from his "Bad" album. It details a sort of paranoia edge.
1. When I was leaving the arena after a Van Halen concert there were two young cheap tarts who were in tight black dresses and had 10 gallon drums worth of make-up piled on their faces. A stage hand packing up equipment yelled to the two Dirty Diana wannabes: "They're all married. You can't get up here. Go home!". They turnedaround and left in a huffy way. Aw RATS!

2. Steve Stephens, guitarist for Billy Idol plays a "laser beam" effect solo on "Dirty Diana".

3. Dirty Diana, nah

Come on!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice July 05, 2009
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A hoe, slut or treesh that’ll get it with the whole gang
Damn she a treeshhaaa Dirty Diana go get a breath mint fo u come get this session. That bitch got it by the whole F.O.C
by Pop Smoke June 02, 2019
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1 in the pink, 4 in the stink.

Usually works with Portuguese girls, because they love it in the ass and are quite loose.

1 finger in the cunt, and 4 up the ol' anus
While I was throwing it to that portuguese whore, Diana, she begged me for a dirty Diana.
by JDube March 30, 2006
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Kelly: Why is Gregory taking so long in the Bojangles bathroom?
Erin: He must be pulling off a dirty diana.
by Yeetle Needle July 02, 2018
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In ice hockey, the goal scored by Tony Amonte for the US against Canada on Sep. 14, 1996 in the final game of the World Cup of Hockey (formerly the Canada Cup) to put them ahead 3-2 with 2:35 left in regulation, just seconds after Brett Hull had tied the game.

The US won the game 5-2 to win the cup, and Canadians everywhere will always remember this World Cup as "the title that got away."
Announcer: Hull ... back to Amonte ... Amonte shoots ... he scores!
Sports Fan: Dirty Diana!
by CanadaFu January 23, 2009
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