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A type of cough syrup containing Promethazine and Codiene produced by the company Wockhardt. It is used for its sedative effects and usually is mixed with a soft drink when taken recreationally.
Aye bro, mix the wock with the sprite.
by SemmyXOXO February 09, 2017
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Pourin up da wock in da big blue, u dont wanna sip butcha bih do!
by Perphick June 25, 2017
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Unknown origin. It was not till summer of 2002 that wock was fully realized by his lover Doffy. They make make sweet love. Anal sex only.
He enjoys short wocks on the beach, followed by pounding of the rectum. :) k thx hes mine- sry.
"Wockaaaaaaaay!" also see magic conch
by Doffy July 27, 2004
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The way an Asian person says the word rock
White guy; "what's that hard round thing"
Asian guy; " that's a wock"
by The real u-dawg November 29, 2016
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a really really really really stank cock (dirtiest dick you’ll ever see)
girl #1: oh my god girl, tyrese had nasty ass wock like i was about to give him top and i smelled that shit and threw up for real

girl #2: yeah i know girl , i told that nigga to clean that shit but he didn’t.
by poompoomlicker92 September 29, 2018
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Another meaning for cool. Often used when the other person in the conversation is not really listening, and doesn't really care, however they try to make it look like they are.

However it can be used enthusiastically and like you do mean you think the subject is cool!
Barry: I got in the england chess U16 team!
Nick: Wock

Now you guess which meaning this is
by fr0d0pete May 20, 2008
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