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The dirt box or otherwise well known as the Nissan pulsar is a literal tin can flaking to bits with fuck all interior and safety. When experiencing this monstrosity don't be to surprised when ants are crawling up your ass from all the shit ass food on the floor. With a mileage of 400000+ expect to be flooring 100km+ in school zones flexing on kids drooling wishing they were you in the dirt box as it is. With black ice air freshener, an illegal modified exhaust and ALLAH ALIK YA SIDI playing in the background you wanna be drag racing on Beresford Rd. Even though there is a sharp turn don't worry if you cross the painted double lines as all cars will give way to you when they hear the roar from the lawnmower. Overall this car is ideal for men who wanna boost the shit out of a car ignoring road safety . For the rating of this car safety is a 1/5, boosting is 5/5 and vibs 5/5 on the p plate scale this car gets a 11/15 falling in the category of an above average car.
"shuu cuz did you see that guy floor 0-60 in 4.67 second what car is that" said jamal "o thats the Nissan pulsar some people call it a dirt box but its an absolute gem" said splambo
"Fuck me who's cutting the grass at this time o wait its the dirt box" said mangwini
"Brother can i hop in the dirt box gotta get to the station asap"
'bro its a Thursday why is someone taking out the trash o wait its the dirt box'
"dont you think Beresford Rd would make a good race track"
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by smailliw nehs June 19, 2020
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The Anus, or more specifically, a female anus.
I'm going to plow that girl's dirtbox like there is no tomorrow!
by Xoc January 15, 2003
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arse, the tight brown rather than the easy pink, poo pipe, chocolate starfish
Suzie wouldn't let me up her dirt box and I had to settle for her fouf instead
by butt weasel September 02, 2003
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Shit, I'd do her in the dirtbox... a lot.
by Afext December 09, 2002
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yea dude she was on the rag, so i flipped her over and stuck her in her dirtbox.
by nathan November 14, 2003
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